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Our People, Quality, & Promise:


We are a company owned and operated by simultaneous interpretation and audio-visual professionals, who have spent their entire careers working to combine these niche services with a standard of professionalism and quality often ignored in these fields. Our project managers and technicians are the best in the business, as they must be to attend to your meeting’s planning and execution with the care and respect it deserves. It is through the utmost attention to detail and the careful cultivation of our relationships that we are able to deliver flawless meetings time and again. We rely on disciplined adherence to methodical organization and the integrity of hard work to provide our clients with stellar service at reasonable rates. This level of dedication extends to our language interpreters as well. We rely on our years of personal interaction with the world’s best interpreters to offer a tailored solution to your meeting’s needs. We know the experts in each field and will work with you to ensure that only qualified language professionals are employed to interpret your message.





Mainline AV works with the market leaders in the Pharmaceutical and Financial sectors. Names like Pfizer, KPMG and Radisson Hotels are a few of the long time clients that rely on our services.

We also proudly serve the needs of the U.S. Military and the U.S. Government including the G20 with a range of services including translation services and equipment, push-to-talk microphones, project managers and technicians.




Our Geographical Footprint:


Thanks to Mainline AV’s offices and partner companies, we can provide conference solutions anywhere in the world. Having worked on almost every continent in many of the world’s largest cities our experience and reach is unparalleled by our competitors.