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Pros and Cons of Wireless Push To Talk Microphones

Friday, January 17, 2014
There are many great reasons to use Bosch's wireless push to talk microphones at your next meeting.  However, with any technology there are limitations.  We'd like to give you a brief list of highligts to help you decide if they would be right for your next event. 
  • Clean look and easy setup without wires
  • Up to 245 microphones on one system
  • 15 hour battery life and can be fully recharged in 3 hours
  • Remote control of all microphones via laptop
  • 100' x 100' range 
  • Digitally protected against tapping or eavesdropping 
If this sounds like a product you'd be interesting in using at your next event, reach out to us.  We'd be happy to get you a quote and speak more about the these great wireless push-to-talk microphones.  

Full Booth vs Tabletop Booth

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

An interpretation booth is a component in conference translation that sometimes gets overlooked.  There are two types of booths used today the full booth and the half booth which is sometimes referred to as a tabletop booth.  

For most meetings you will want to use a full booth.  The full booth does take up more space in the meeting room but it provides full sound proofing for the conference interpretationt. It also provides a visual cue for attendees to ask where they can get a headset to listen to the meeting in their language.

The half booth or tabletop booth is used only when there is very limited space.  Sound will bleed from the back of the room and could become distracting.  That being said when there is limited space a tabletop booth will allow you to have a successfully interpreted meeting.

Be sure to speak with your interpretation equipment provider about which booth would work best for your meeting. 

Conference Interpretation Planning Tips

Wednesday, October 02, 2013
view from interpreter booth

Fall is here and with that comes the beginning of many meetings and conferences. Translation and interpretation can be key if you are organizing a multi-lingual conference. After all if your attendees and presenters can't understand each other your message will be lost. If you are a meeting planner or just someone delegated to organize a meeting for your company here are some tips for conference translation.

1. Study Materials- Getting interpreters study materials such as presentations or topical papers helps them prepare for the meeting. If you give a translator a week to prepare you'll be able to have quality content conveyed.

2. Audience- During registration for your conference be sure to include a question regarding what is the attendees primary language of choice.

3. Travel- Sometimes you'll have to fly interpreters in from another country for your conference. Be sure to determine early on where your interpreters will be traveling from so they have enough time to get all the proper travel documents such as visas.

With these few tips you can help make sure your message is communicated clearly through meeting interpretation at your next conference.

Please Touch Museum gets clear sound

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Over the winter the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA was having difficultly with their old sound system in the grand main hall. The museum had relocated a few years ago into the historic Memorial Hall and due to the large size and all marble surface they were plagued with poor sounding and unintelligible audio for their events.  We were able to help them with their audio difficulties by installing the Bosch Vari-directional Arrary.  Watch a video on our youtube channel of the Bosch Vari-directional Arrary system in action.  You can also check out specifications of the array system on Bosch's website.

High-level interpreters featured in The Linguist Magazine

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Carine (left) and Francoise pose for a photo while working for the FCO at Lancaster House

We are fortunate to work with many great interpreters throughout the world.  Two such interpreters; Carine Kennedy and Francoise Delas-Reisz were recently featured in The Linguist magazine.  In the article they discuss working together, what it takes to be a professional interpreter and some stories of their travels.  We are proud to be able to work them on many conferences and wish them both continued success in the future.

To read this article and find out more about The Linguist's magazine go to  Their story is featured in issue 52.1, which is free to download and enjoy.

US Holocaust Memorial Museum 20 Anniversary

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Mainline AV was honored to provide Audio Visual services to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's 20th Anniversary Tribute Ceremony and Open House.  The event was attended by high profile individuals like Ellie Wiesel and President Clinton.  

Many elements of the new exhibit "Some Where Neighbors: Collaboration and Complicity in the Holocaust" were the focus of presentations during the tribute.  The new exhibit as well as the presentations and discussion boards were informative, moving and very powerful.  Mainline AV was proud to provide our Audio Visual services to such an important museum and event.

To learn more or schedule a visit check our there website at

Worldwide Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Our language interpretation services include all kinds of interpretation. We offer language
support for meetings around the world, including sophisticated Bosch equipment. We maintain
our own stock of Bosch Integrus Digital Infrared Language Distribution equipment for meeting
in the United States or in Japan. Our Bosch Wireless DCN Conference Microphones and our
Bosch CCS800 Microphones are the gold standard for Conference Simultaneous Interpretation.
It is used by the United Nations, the Hague, the World Bank and other organizations.

We Work as a Team to Provide the Best Interpretation Services

Saturday, May 11, 2013
Our quality interpretation services do not happen by accident. Instead, they are a product of
our years of providing interpreter services to our clients and to our use of the best translation
equipment available. Our entire team at Mainline AV is involved in providing the best possible
services, and we train all of our staff, not just project managers to be proficient in our trade.
We expect each employee to have a hands-on approach when it comes to the needs of our
clients. By understanding all that is involved in preparing for complex international congresses,
our workers are better able to step in to help in any way needed before the event and during
the conference. Project managers are cross-trained to be able to jump in to help on any task,
not just our own. We partner with you when you use our interpretation services, helping to
take your meeting to the next level.

Other reasons why we are able to provide the best interpretation services are these:
Our interpreters are much more than general language interpreters – they are
professionals in your field with specific knowledge of medicine, engineering, finance, or
other industries. We have thousands of professional interpreters around the world with
specific knowledge in their fields of interest.

Interpreters are certified and strictly vetted to be the best match for your event.
We use the best equipment available, including our own Bosch Integrus Digital Infrared
Language Distribution equipment, Bosch Wireless DCN Conference Microphones, and
Bosch CCS800 Microphones. These are the gold standard for Conference Simultaneous
Interpretation and are used by the United Nations, The Hague, the World Bank, and

We have developed personal relationships with 38 global companies who carry our
standard of equipment. They are also dedicated to the same high standards that we
have set for ourselves. Our project managers know who to turn to in Singapore, Dubai,
or Buenos Aires .

We Use Top Translation Equipment at Mainline AV

Monday, April 15, 2013

We use only the best available translation equipment at Mainline AV. Companies such as Bosch, EV, Panasonic, Samsung, ViewSonic, Shure, Christie, Sanyo, Kramer, and many others supply us with their top-of-the-line equipment. By combining the very best translation equipment with these other components, we are able to provide the best translation service available in the world:

  • Project Managers – make sure that your requirements are met with accuracy and within your budget
  • On-Site Staff – are ready to step in whenever you need intervention. It is the norm for us to go the extra mile to help in any way that we can
  • On-Site Technicians – are trained to know every aspect of the audio-visual realm. They are ready to help with planning as well as during your event
  • Customer Service Staff – work together to provide the interpretation experience that is smooth and seamless

Interpretation Services Designed by Leaders in the Field

Monday, April 15, 2013
Mainline AV is a company that is owned and operated by professionals in simultaneous interpretation and audio-visual who have devoted their lives to creating and implementing services and equipment that provides top results for clients. We have raised the standards for our profession and have intuitively found solutions for our clients that experience has taught us. You can benefit from our expertise and knowledge while saving money with our interpretation services.