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As a company dedicated to providing top tier solutions for digital communication, Mainline AV International offers a wide range of digital signage options. From simple, standard static signage for customer-facing messaging, such as menu boards or reception banners, to complex interactive signage with touch interface, dynamic maps or RFID message individualization, our sleek hardware and versatile software can achieve anything that can be conceived.

We are a Scala certified integrator engaged in building systems that last. Scala is an easy to use, web-based digital communication software that allows you to manage your digital signs centrally and instantly. As digital signage quickly becomes the norm for convenience stores, movie theaters, retail shops, hotels and convention centers, corporate offices and banks, Scala provides a stable, highly customizable platform to meet all of your toughest advertising and communications challenges. Here are some examples of how Scala can change the way you do business:












Drive consistent brand image


Point-of-Purchase Promotions


Reduce print costs, leverage

co-op dollars


Visually attract passersby





Finance & Banking






Simultaneous Interpreting- Escort



Real time messages, rate updates


Improve time-to-market for promotions


Cross- and up-sell products


Reduce perceived wait time




Quick Service










Menu boards, automatic day parts


Reduce print costs, automate with interactive kiosks


Increase average ticket size, up and cross-sells




Corporate Communications









Increase employee engagement


Centralized control


Consistent branding and compliance messaging


Wayfinding Maps