Interpretation Services

Mainline AV International offers the world’s best interpreters and high-tech language distribution equipment to provide a full range of language support for conferences and meetings anywhere in the world.

Simultaneous Interpretation

(Conference Interpretation or Simultaneous Translation)

The premiere interpretation solution that seamlessly integrates language translation into any meeting or conference. Simultaneous Interpretation is performed by a pair of interpreters who simultaneously listen and translate without any interruption to the normal presentation. The attendees in the audience wear high-quality digital Bosch headsets to listen to the interference-free infrared distribution of the running interpretation for the duration of the meeting. This type of system allows for up to 31 languages per room.  This is the highest quality type of interpretation, used in Pharmaceutical, Military, Diplomatic, Financial and Scientific meetings.  Language interpreters are well-trained in industry specific topics and terminology, ensuring an exceptional attendee experience.

Consecutive Interpretation

(Consecutive Translation)

The traditional interpretation solution performed when the presenter speaks a few lines and then waits for the interpreter to repeat the dialog in another language. This is often performed with a single interpreter but for longer sessions it would be necessary for the interpreters to work as a team. Consecutive interpretation can be used in conjunction with portable or stationary whisper equipment or with general professional sound equipment. Consecutive interpretation is only effective when speaking to an audience comprised of one foreign language. This approach will at least double the time it takes to hold a meeting and breaks up the flow of the information. It is only recommended for simple training sessions, small meetings, educational presentations and topics of short duration.

Remote Interpretation

(Video Conference Interpretation)

The remote location interpretation solution enabling long-distance video or teleconferences to have seamless language translation.  Simultaneous interpretation services are used to provide two-way language translation over a video, phone, or internet conference.